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  • FREE fixed price quote

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  • Generate your own electricity

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

  • Save hundreds of pounds each year 

How it works

You Answer


Answer a few simple questions about your energy use.

We Design


A 3D image of your solar system and send it over to you.

You Choose


A recommended fixed price system from our simple quotation.

We Install


The system on a day that suits you.

The Facts & Benefits

  • Solar uses sunlight to generate electricity

  • Any solar electricity you use is completely free!

  • Typically a customer with solar consumes 20-30% of the solar they generate across a year.

  • 1Solar designs a system for you that will give you the maximum benefits

  • Sometimes we will also include our battery storage and grid trading products to help boost your returns.

  • The excess electricity that you don’t use gets exported back to the grid which you get paid for under the smart export guarantee!


Sarah lives in Norwich and has a semi detached property facing south. She is semi-retired and is in the property the majority of the daytime. She spends 16p on electricity for every unit she uses, 20p/day on her standing charge and a total spend of £55 per month via her electricity direct debit.

  • 1 Solar quotes Sarah for - 12 panels

  • The solar will generate - 3660 kWh/year

  • She will use around – 1098kWh (30%)

  • This means she will export – 2562kWh (70%)

  • Sarah’s year 1 benefit will be - £319.11p*

    *We use MCS irradiance and self consumption data to calculate these figures. Export benefit is based on an export rate of 5.6p/kWh.

Our Products



  • JA Solar 320w mono-crystalline black solar panels

  • 30 year product and performance warranty

  • High efficiency

  • One of the largest producers of Tier-1 solar panels in the world

  • Manufacturer of choice for many solar farms owned by investment banks all over the world, JA pride themselves on delivering optimum performance



  • Installations are carried out by our network of fully qualified installation teams 

  • Typical installations completed within 1 x working day 

  • 1 Solar personal project manager assigned to each installation

  • You can completely trust us to treat your property with respect



  • High efficiency solar inverters manufactured by Solax, Solis or Growatt.

  • Zero maintenance

  • Minimum of 10 year parts warranty



  • Installations installed within 1 x day

  • 25 year mounting kit warranty

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